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Experience the power of the Point of Sale with EkiKart POS

EkiKart is at the heart of your business operations, management, integrations and sales. EkiKart, enables thousands of businesses (globally) to do more by leveraging the power of the point-of-sale beyond just payment acceptance. With all the options of a standard Pos including low card processing rate, revenue generation opportunities, simple loyalty program, EkiKart POS is designed to power all business types.

Features & Benefits

Inventory and Product Management

Inventory and
Product Management

Inventory and Product Management

Top up

Inventory and Product Management


Tax & Cash Management

Tax & Cash

Multiple Languages


Food Stamps Processing

Food Stamps

Pre-loaded Retail Catalog

Retail Catalog

Staff Access Controls

Staff Access

How EkiKart Works

Access a plethora of revenue generation opportunities at the till

EkiKart innovates around businesses and this includes providing revenue generation opportunities for merchants to sell more and earn more. We're dedicated to helping our customers do more with less, especially with high inflation, staff retention challenges and the threat of another recession

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Square pos system

Power Your Business With EkiKart POS!

Big point of sale options for small retailers with Inclusive pricing. From detailed reporting to product and inventory management and store administration, EkiKart POS gives you the options to manage your business, sell more and increase your revenue.

The Clearly Different Point of Sale System.

More than a point of Sale system, EkiKart POS offers a wide range of features and capabilities that can help streamline your operations and empower your business to grow.

  • Cloud based POS
  • Inclusive pricing
  • Low processing fees
  • Localization across markets
  • Designed for speed at checkout
  • Multiple languages supported across market
  • Free 24/7 support
Cloud based pos

Transforming the retail experience

Pos for pharmacy store

Solution for Big partner distribution For Big Partners Going Small.

Easy integration to partner service offerings.

  • Distribution power for big partners
  • Nimble integration into any market
  • Simple settlement
  • Experience with small business
  • Wallets for fraud handling with cash
  • Free 24/7 support

Designed for small retail going big

Solution for the truly small retailers in any market to be included in what the big retailers have access to. It is about inclusion!

  • Revenue generation opportunities
  • All the options of a standard POS
  • Employee fraud tracking
  • Access from any device
Pos software for retail